Crosshair profiles might be coming to VALORANT soon


According to recent leaks found by a dataminer, crosshair profiles might make their debut in VALORANT soon.


For those who don’t know, crosshair profiles make it possible for you as a player to save and store crosshairs, which let you experiment as you try to find the one that suits you the best. The feature is something a lot of players have requested ever since VALORANT was released and according to some recent leaks by a VALORANT data miner, we’ll be getting it soon.


It can be difficult to find a crosshair that works best for you. Some players prefer to have a smaller crosshair while others like to play with large and vibrant ones. As there’s currently no option to save them (multiple ones) in VALORANT, that’s made it even more difficult. That problem should be resolved soon at least.

In any case Riot Games does seem to be listening to the requests of the community, as they’ve been forthcoming with other features in the past as well. There’s currently no clear date as to when the crosshair profiles will be coming to the game but it’s expected that Riot Games will talk a little more in-depth about the feature soon.

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Image Credit: Riot Games


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