Diablo Immortal delayed yet again – Blizzard to fix Closed Alpha issues

Diablo fans need to be patient for Diablo Immortal. The mobile game has been delayed yet again to tackle issues that reared their head after the Closed Alpha.

In a post on their blog, Blizzard has announced that the mobile game Diablo Immortal will be delayed to the first half of 2022.


Late Game Content and Controller Support

The Diablo Immortal is slated for a release on iOS and Android and its plot will be set between Diablo II and Diablo III. Initially scheduled to release this year, the developers have now decided to push back the release date to next year due to the feedback they received in the Closed Alpha.

In their blog post they detailled the following issues that warrant more time to fix:

  • Late Game Content is still lacking as there is not enough content for max level players. Blizzard is currently evaluating which features and changes can be improved for that.
  • PvP Content like Cycle of Strife will be adjusted to be more accessible.
  • Helliquary another piece of late game content will be reworked as well. It is currently open to players on level 45 and allows those to battle Boss demons. Each month a new opponent will be brought into the game.
  • Controller Support: Although Diablo Immortal is a mobile game first and foremost, Blizzard is planning on implementing Controller Support.

A concrete release date was not announced. But considering the current scandal in which Activision Blizzard is embroiled, the company most likely has more pressing issues to face.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment


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