How to report someone in Pokémon UNITE (and what are Fair-Play points?)

Is someone sitting AFK in your Pokémon UNITE game? Let’s talk about reporting someone and the use of Fair-Play points.

We’ve all been there. You’re trying desperately to win a game of Pokémon UNITE and one of your teammates has just been sitting AFK for the longest time, which leads to you and your team losing the game. For instances like these you’re able to report a player in Pokémon UNITE, but there are more reasons you might want to do so. Inappropriate behaviour and foul language can both be reasons to report someone too.


How do you report someone then? Once your match has come to a close you can scour the results screen for the name of the offender and then you can simply click on the report button. This sends a message to the Pokémon UNITE staff who will review this particular case and it might lead to the player getting a (temporary) ban, as well as lower their fair-play points.


Players start at 100 fair play points and you can lose and gain those depending on your conduct. For instance, you’ll lose points for AFKing or leaving a match, while gaining points for good behaviour and just playing (and finishing) games. You can check your Fair-Play points by pressing the L button in the main menu. If you have less than 80 fair play points you won’t be able to join ranked games, while you won’t be able to play random matches starting at 60.

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